The Man and the Vine
Picture book; all ages
Published by St. Vladimir's Seminary Press,
December 2006
32 pages
ISBN: 0-88141-315-1

Meet the Illustrator

a few questions for ned gannon...

Why is this your favorite illustration from The Man and the Vine?

As a viewer, we rarely get to see something from an elevated or overhead perspective. A unique vantage point coupled with the connection to nature and sunlight made this image one of my favorites in the book.

What made you decide to be an illustrator of children’s books?

I think illustration and kid’s books picked me more than I picked them. I love to read. I love whimsical imagery, and I love kids and the way they recognize the miracles of everyday life that adults take for granted.

What is your work day like when you’re illustrating a book? Do you play music in the background, do you take coffee breaks, do you chew on the end of your brushes?

I don’t chew on my brushes, but I do have a bad habit of holding them in my mouth while I squeeze more paint out or clean a different brush. I like to work in the late morning or early afternoon (though preference is not always an option for an illustrator). I like to play music that allows me to escape other concerns I have, and I always have a tasty beverage by my side (tea, coffee, soda, water, juice, anything I can sip).

What did you like best about the story of The Man and the Vine?

The opportunity to paint landscapes and outdoor scenes that this book provided really appealed to me.

How long did it take you to illustrate all the pictures of the book?

Sketches took about a month and a half, working intermittently. The paintings took about a month and a half working more consistently.

What do you like best about being a professional artist?

Three things I love about working professionally as an artist are: collaborating with other creative individuals, knowing my work will be seen by people I have not met, and having the opportunity to respond to visual problems that may not be my own.