I was born a while ago in sunny Santa Monica, California. I grew up on a block loaded with kids—so many that neighborhood cars avoided our street at all costs. We played soccer and kick ball, ran races, started clubs, put on circuses and collected Wacky Pack cards. It was pretty great.

I made my way through junior high and high school collecting signatures on my many casts from gymnastic injuries. Plaster casts were a lot better for drawing rainbows on and such, but Doctor Grant switched to fiberglass after my third ankle injury. I eventually had ten. I was good on crutches; could even swing into a handstand...I loved gymnastics, but I admit, I was a little too daring and it landed me in Doctor Grant's office all too often.

I quit gym at 16, and went to college at 18. That journey landed me in Europe during my college years to study languages, and I still have a love affair with people who live in small mountain villages. If you get a chance to travel in your life, I hope you take it. I speak English, French, and Italian. I can order food in Spanish, especially enchiladas, and can count to ten in Finnish and Japanese. My kids learned Latin in grammar school and I’m just a little bit jealous...

Well, then came love, and marriage, and three babies in the baby carriage. I started writing seriously right before that first baby was born, writing stories, and articles and newsletters and haven’t stopped since. It has been a wild ride. God has blessed me at every turn—and I’m looking forward to what the next years will bring!