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  • When God Made You
  • Picture book—all ages
  • Published by Ancient Faith Publishing
  • Release: February 2016
  • 32 pages—hardcover
  • ISBN: 978-1-936270-23-1


When God made Elina, He pulled moonlight from the north, starlight from the south, sunlight from the east, and candlelight from the west. He planted the four lights around the steadfast soil of her soul, and beaming with gladness, God said, 

Elina, pray.

Every child around the globe is specially made by God with a unique set of virtues, talents, and interests. What beautiful things was God thinking when He made you?

Story behind the story

My scattered thoughts can be calmed and deepend by picking up a pen and writing down what's swirling around in my head and heart. A long while ago I thought it would be an interesting exercise to write about those elements that I saw in my two young children that make them unique. Fireworks in Madeleine, Dragons and Mythological Stories that lived within Andrew. I went on to make all sorts of profiles--of godchildren, friends, people that I saw simply walking down the street. I had such fun, playing with language, with elements of color, thinking about occupations, talents, names, and virtues... trying to find meaning in each word, and appreciating All the People--Every One! 

At some point I had a pretty tight manuscript, but got stuck on one profile. My son, Andrew, who is absolutely made of story, jumped in and wrote the profile of Alina. So those words are his... 

Interestingly, the profiles of Andrew (Hikaru) and Madeleine (Brigid) have proved to be much more shallow than they are. Of course, only God can fully see into each one of us. I love that the talents and gifts of my children continue to emerge and surprise me! 

The bottom line of this book is--each and every person is made of such beauty, loaded with gifts that I pray will be realized as their lives unfold.

I dedicated this book to dear friends whose lives were cut short.