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The Life of Saint Brigid: Abbess of Kildare
Picture book; all ages
Published by Conciliar Press Ministries
Illustrated by Zachary Lynch
June 2009
32 pages
ISBN 10: 0-9822770-0-8

As the ministry of beloved Saint Patrick came to an end, another unlikely hero heard God’s call and ran full force the Christian race, bringing Christ to Ireland. Young Brigid, an eager and charming girl, forsook her noble birth and followed the windy road Christ had called her to. From dairymaid, to shepherdess, to the Abbess of Kildare, Saint Brigid’s story teaches us to be generous in spirit, to be tireless in our charity, and above all to seek God’s calling for our own lives.

Story behind the story…

Working with Zachary Lynch on The Life of Saint Patrick: Enlightener of the Irish was the inspiration for writing this story about Saint Brigid. He introduced me to this enchanting saint, and after delving into research on Brigid, I absolutely fell in love with her. Because she is such a beloved saint in Ireland, and because most of what is written about Saint Brigid is based on Irish oral tradition, I had the difficult prospect of choosing which snippets of her life to include in the book, and which to leave to out.

Eventually I made my decisions (after spending a lot of time praying for illumination) based on those events in her life that most mirrored what an Orthodox nun’s life is like today, figuring that not much has changed over the years when it comes to a life of prayer. I’m fortunate to live in the neighborhood of a woman’s monastery, and have seen first-hand what heroines they are! I have see many of the nuns portray the same faith as beloved Brigid, embark on similar adventures, and attempt things that people might think are unwise or risky. These women are heiresses of Saint Brigid and the Christ she loved and served; I’m so thankful that they’re here to bless and teach us, and pray for us today!