April 26, 2016


The Perfect Day

Our lives take twists and turns, and sometimes the way we would choose to shape our days isn't exactly what ends up happening--sometimes laundry stays heaped in the pile, sometimes an emergency pulls us away from our work... I write these two lists in my journal each year, so I have a constant reminder of how I might prioritize my time and my energy each day. It's especially poignant right now, during Holy Week, as I seek to be intentional with my time and actions...

This list encourages me regardless of the circumstances

  • Be light
  • Bring beauty
  • Serve someone
  • Create
  • Go outside
  • Clean something
  • Be productive
  • Learn something new

This second list is more practical; it fits into my daily life when I'm not thrown a bucketful of curveballs...

Garden,  pray,  bake,  clean,  write,  eat well,  love,  read,  sleep,  play

Today I've started the baking, have loved the little one through math, I've vacuumed and prayed,

but the garden, and a healthy lunch, and that book tucked over by the chair in the corner? And will I get to my writing, or have a chance to greet someone with a smile and a kind word? We'll see...

Cheers, friends!




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Kh. Tammy said:
April 26, 2016 @ 12:10 PM

I love it Jane, just absolutely love it! The Green Beans look amazing, can you send me some and that will be part of my "EAT".....May God grant you and your family strength through this week to joyfully greet the Resurrection in your hearts and hands, minds and spirit!

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