July 14, 2015


The Mystery of Art

We are all artists. We all cook, decorate, organize, write, hum, and fold. And some of us knit and sew, draw and paint, garden and build.

We all create.

I've been pondering this passage from A Mystery of Art quite a lot lately:

The most important work of an artist is not what he or she creates. It is in the work of being created by the grace of God. The primary focus of the artist is the working out of his salvation. What the artist creates or produces in terms of works of art is always secondary to becoming a work of art in reality. The spiritual artist continually repents his ambition and becomes the poem...


Becoming a poem. 

Some days my poem is all scattered words, and haste, and shallow phrases. But on those days when I really pray--those days when everything I do is prayer? It's on those days when that poem transforms and becomes all beauty...





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Kh. Tammy said:
July 14, 2015 @ 8:48 PM

You are beautiful! I Iove that Jane. Thank you once again!

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