April 10, 2016


Recent Reads :: April 2016

The Idiot

Not pictured...By Dostoevesky. It took me a century to read this book, because it was mostly painful... I finished despite the very long conversations the prince and his "friends" were having. Holy smokes--Russians are crazy. They talk a lot and hardly ever DO anything. But the point of the book, the essence of the book, was thought-provoking; the very idea of a man with no guile, a man who is swayed so little by the whims of the world intrigued me. I'm still pondering this one...

Near and Far

Super cool cookbook that my mom purchased for my husband at Christmastime. Minimalist, lovely, yummy ingredients. I'm enjoying the journey of this lovely book, and giving my husband recommendations of what recipes he should try! 

Fasting as a Family

If your family fasts during the year, then this book is a good one to peruse. Lots of useful information, along with recipes. I don't cook much in our home, but it's a great resource and I'm reading it through, page by page.


A novel by a Russian historian, following a man from birth to death. Funny, fascinating, full of both joy and sorrow--I'd recommend this book over The Idiot any day!


Finally, I kind of understand this term! I'm a very visual person, and enjoy the Japanese rural aesthetic. I'll probably read a book about Japanese tea next, knowing me...

The Midnight War of Mateo Martinez

I joined a new writer's group, and a woman in the group, Robin Yardi, just had this book released. I raced to our local bookstore, picked up this copy, and my son and I will be diving into this starting tomorrow!

Becoming a Healing Presence

I read a little bit of this book at a time and let the wise words of Dr. Albert Rossi sink in. Enjoying it immensely.

Other Books:

We just finished A Wrinkle in Time. A classic. The little one and I took turns reading aloud, and it never disappoints. It's such a wonderful book for eliciting lively conversations about a whole variety of themes. We continue to make our way through Abbot Tryphon's Morning Offering; I've read When God Made You about fifty times since February!; we just finished an article in the National Geographic about latex harvesting that was eye-opening, and I picked up one of my son's Timmy Failure books since he flies through them and I wanted to be in on some of the jokes...


Enough about me! I'm wondering what's on your shelf that you'd like to recommend. Share, please!




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Kristin said:
April 11, 2016 @ 11:49 AM

I have been reading "The Five Love Languages of Children". I am learning so much about the way we as people receive love and give love.

Kh. Tammy Makoul said:
April 11, 2016 @ 1:03 PM

I'm finding it hard to read right now, but I started the book, Quiet, by Susan Cain.... I then tried the audio book route and having trouble moving ahead, just because it's a busy time......anyway, it's intriguing. I do believe I am at heart an introvert even though I may appear to be an extrovert. She's got a great Ted talk about this as well. Love ya Jane!

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