May 3, 2015


A Shift of Seasons

...because the jacaranda bloom in Santa Barbara is coming to a close...

The Jacaranda Tree:

Indigenous to Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, and Brazil...

The species came to California in the early 1900's.

In Santa Barbara, there are typically two blooms. One heavy bloom in late May, early June, and another in November/December. This year, because of the drought and odd weather patterns, the spring bloom came more than a month early.

In Pasadena there are more than 3500 jacaranda trees!

The trees drop sticky flowers and some think the mess isn't worth it, but I heartily disagree! 

Cheers, friends...



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James Anthony said:
May 6, 2015 @ 8:56 PM

At the moment here in this area of Texas, it is severe weather season; thunder storms, rain, hail and tornados. They make for a formidable pinch. I mention this because for years we have been in a severe drought. Your blog caused me to think of the 'shift of seasons' in our lives as Christian. The seemingly ceaseless flow of blessings without warning or notice, become times of aridity. Or, vice versa. As you say, "...some think the mess isn't worth it...." It's just how each sees this through faith.

jane g meyer replied:
May 7, 2015 @ 4:32 PM

Yes. Amen. Personally, I am in a season of both abundant blessing and intense stretching. God is asking me to be someone bigger, better than I am--than I have been--and some days I am like that beautiful, blooming jacaranda tree, and others I am just the sticky mess that lands on the concrete and withers. I am thankful for this time, knowing that there is much grace that comes with struggle. Thanks for sharing your beautiful thoughts, James Anthony...

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