July 5, 2016


A Book of Questions

Ever heard of the Socratic Method? Neither had I... Till my kids went to a classical elementary school.

Of course I had heard of Socrates--at least there was that, but I graduated with 986 other seniors from a public high school in LA--there wasn't a lot of Latin or Ancient Greece in my world.

But, hey, we aren't too old to learn new things, are we? By way of my children, I learned all about the trivium, about being schooled at a round table through the art of open-ended questioning, digging deeper and deeper into a subject until you pull up the roots of things... 

Somewhere along the way I wrote this book--it started out differently, when my daughter asked about dancing on the moon. And then the story morphed, as most stories do; it took shape, it got silly, and then it found a publisher.

For those of you who have wee little people in your midst, or who know wee little people, why not take a little jump into the Socratic Method? The text is short, and fun, and the illustrations are adorable. Plus...

If you have an e-reader, A Book of Questions is free!

It's better than a giveaway. Since it's a giveaway for Everyone! Here are the details:

 The ebook of A Book of Questions is FREE to download from Amazon on July 7th and 8th. 

It’s already free to anyone who has Kindle Unlimited, and some other book subscription services too. Plus, I think some library systems have it on loan… If you have access to an e-reader, would you download the book and read it to your child?!!! (Or, have your child read it to you! Or, if you don’t have a child, just read it to your dog, or your toast, or your next-door neighbor?) It’s free to you, and I’m trying to figure out if I’m interested in publishing any more of my stories with publishers who target primarily digital markets, so having your support, and maybe hearing your comments at some point would be a huge, enormous, incredible help! Yes?

Here’s some official stuff about A Book of Questions

Every kid has questions. They are also the inventors of VERY interesting answers. In A Book of Questions, kids are led through a pint-sized Socratic exercise in questioning the nature of the universe. Paired with whimsical illustrations, these questions are sure to get kids thinking, and coming up with new questions of their own.

And here is a recent review on Amazon, posted by someone named Lady Lillith! I have no idea who she is…

If you had to get only one book, I would suggest you pick this up for your kids, homeschool, classroom or day care.

This book is one of those books that are filled with amazing illustrations. Each page brings kids to a new experience. Rather then reading a story, this book takes kids on a journey helping build thier brains to think on a much higher level. From basic daily questions to funny and silly questions, the kids and adults can sit and have great conversations.

I am all into getting kids to observe and think. A Book of Questions is a book that offers kids a fun read while thinking.

A Book of Questions is available via:

Amazon ($9.99—paperback)

Amazon (Ebook--free on July 7, 8, and always free for Kindle Unlimited Folk, otherwise it’s $3.99)

Barnes and Noble ($9.99—paperback) 

ibook (Ebook--$3.99)

Read more about A Book of Questions, and why I wrote it, on my website...

Feel free to forward this email along to anyone you think might like a new free children’s book on their e-reader, or who might want to purchase the paperback… Thanks as always for your support of my work, and if you happen to read it, I'd love to hear your thoughts about your experience!





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Despina Koukouni-Lachanaris said:
July 7, 2016 @ 6:33 PM

I just ordered it on my kids' Kindle. Can't wait to read it. (I peeked through some of your blog-posts and loved your writing!)

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